Thursday, October 1, 2009

Siiiickk broooooo

Nobody likes a girl with the flu.

My roommates avoid me at all cost. When I bless them after they sneeze, the scowl at me like I maliciously made them do so. I'm dazed and high off cough syrup in the living room, researching for a design project, and they are on the other side of the house, doors shut. I feel like I slept with one of their boyfriends or something, like getting the flu was some sort of venial sin.

My penance is an infinite amount of deep coughing, two running nostrils, and one spinning head.

This is the longest I've ever been in my particle wood home. I usually try to avoid it because its small dimensions and perpetual mess always makes me feel really anxious. But here I am, cast into exile in the cardboard box with no windows or cable. It reminds me of the home my aunt used to live in Santa Monica. I used to drink Nesquick and play on her computer and stare at the way the coastal sun slotted through her cracked blinds. It was always sunny in Santa Monica and its sunny right now in Pacific Beach.

I slapped the man who told me the surf was good. Not really, because he texted it to me, and I probably wouldn't have slapped him if we were in person. But if this were some tale from the Middle Ages, I would have challenged him to a duel for sure.

I guess there's one way to get waves: tell everyone I have the flu and am extremely contagious. Mwahahahaha.

I watched Amelie yesterday and it made me want to wear some crazy Euro outfit and make pastries and play with dominoes in the sunshine on grass somewhere. But then I hacked up a lung so I just read my book in my bed. (Rensin's "All for a few perfect waves," incase you were wondering).

This house isn't so bad with the blinds open and some crisps fall air seeping through the uninsulated walls. I can hear some SD birds chirping and the hum from some archaic appliance, but that's it. Solitude makes any setting more bearable.

Something tells me I'm going to draw a lot today...or sip more Tussin and see what rambling I can come up with. I should probably get high off that stuff before the two restaurant reviews I have to do tonight anyways.

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